Sunday, January 24, 2010

Making Headway

This was a weekend of leveling and exploring new worlds for Morgan and me. Morgan achieved Level 28, finishing Krokotopia today (woohoo!). She was very excited to begin working in Marleybone! I leveled up to 45 and was invited to Dragonspyre finally. I also purchased a new mount - been wanting a horse for a while.

Still working on getting pictures of Kayla's and Aedan's houses.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Welcome! I am Keena SoulBlossom, level 42 Master Theurgist Wizard.

I am currently working in MooShu, my favorite of the worlds of the Spiral.

I can usually be found galavanting around the Spiral with my best friend since ... a really long time, Kayla WildBane,

my daughter Morgan SparklePants,

my son Aedan ThunderCaster,

and our good friend Talon RavenRider.

Every once in a while, Talon's sister Amber RubyFlame joins us, too.

Kayla and Aedan just achieved Level 50 Grandmaster this weekend, and I am working feverishly to catch up, but that darn job and housework tend to get in the way. Morgan, being the social butterfly teenager that she is, is plodding along at Level 22, and getting a little tired of Krokotopia (didn't we all?).

I own a Royal Playhouse in Wizard City,

and just this weekend purchased a Life TreeHouse because it was on sale.

As you can see, since I just bought my TreeHouse, I haven't moved in yet. I hope to document the moving process, as I get ideas for how to decorate my new home!

In these three pictures, you can see my three pets. Lady Belle is a Unicorn, so far my only purchase from the Bazaar (although I know that will change soon as I begin to decorate my new TreeHouse!). She doesn't give me anything card-wise, but is my all-purpose pet, and the one you'll see me with the most. Duke Jasper is my Smogger-pet Fairy. She gives me an extra Life Spell card. I only equip her when I think I might need another life spell, though. Mandy, my Cyclops, was the very first pet I ever owned, and although I'm not so much into the Myth school, I kept him because I have a sister IRL named Mandie!